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Gregory Caicco, B.Arch (Carleton), M.Phil. (Cambridge), Ph.D. (McGill), held the Lincoln Ethics Chair in Architecture at Arizona State University until 2004. He has published widely in architectural history and theory, including the 2008 book Architecture, Ethics and the Personhood of Place (University Press of New England).

He is currently working on a monograph examining the architectural work of Saint Francis of Assisi in the Italian 13th c.  Gregory Caicco’s teaching  affiliation is with the Art Institute of Pittsburgh (Online Division) where he is also Assistant Online Program Director, General Education (Art History and Philosophy).

tunic of Saint Francis, Cortona (c1200)

And I Worked with My Hands: Critical Design as Poetics

And yet, just as power, through every age, requires art and high design to adorn and legitimate its hegemony, the case for truth, compassion, and solidarity with the marginalized cannot be neglected. Based on an evaluation of Francis of Assisi's critical-poetic design practice within the political/religious milieu of premodern Italy, a set of strategies will be proposed in this paper for architects and designers here, on the other side of modernity.